Airpods Cause Headaches ? [ Fact or Myth ]

Airpods Cause Headaches

Have you ever had a headache after listening to some music? It’s not just your imagination. Apple AirPods can actually give people headaches! This might be because they are thicker than other types of headphones and put pressure on top of the ear which has been linked with pain in others who wear them too … Read more

10 Reason Why Apple AirPods are so EXPENSIVE

Apple Airpods are So Expensive

One of the most common questions about AirPods is why they’re so expensive. After all, they’re just earbuds, and there are plenty of other earbuds on the market that are much more affordable. The answer to this question lies in the cost of Apple’s wireless chip technology. AirPods use a special wireless chip called the … Read more

Are Wireless Earbuds Worth It ? [ Know the TRUTH ]

Are Wireless Earbuds Worth it

I’ve always disliked having my earbuds tangled up. But is wireless listening like Apple AirPods really worth your money? It’s the newest tech craze that has everyone excited, and for good reason! No more tangles-you’ll never have to untangle those wires again thanks in part to this new invention from Steve Jobs himself: The Wireless … Read more

Can You Wear Apple AirPods With Any Ear Piercing?

Can You Wear Apple AirPods With Any Ear Piercing

What are Airpods? Apple’s AirPods are wireless headphones that have gained immense popularity in recent years, especially among young people. They come in a white charging case and are designed to fit almost any type of ear. While they can be used by anyone, AirPods may be a better fit for those who do not … Read more

Can You Wear AirPods While Driving, Or Is It Illegal?

Can You Wear AirPods While Driving, Or Is It Illegal

Wearing Apple Airpods while driving is a highly dangerous activity. At the same time, drivers can enjoy an immersive musical experience with these headphones by adding extra noise-canceling features that will allow them to hear traffic and other environmental sounds better than ever before! The law states that one must be able to hear what’s … Read more

Do Airpods Cause Cancer ? [ Know the FACTS ]

Airpods Cause Cancer

Wireless headphones and AirPods are trending products nowadays. Phone companies are moving from wired to wireless, which has been seen by many as a step in the right direction for environmentally conscious consumers who care about their health or that of future generations; however, it concerns some scientists because they’re concerned about how this will … Read more

How Likely Is It That Apple AirPods Explode?

Does Apple Airpods Explode

There’s a very small chance that your Air pods could burst into flames or explode if you happen to be carrying one when it catches fire. This doesn’t seem likely, but we thought the risk was worth mentioning! However, there is one specific circumstance in which AirPods can explode. If the battery inside the AirPods … Read more

Do AirPods Cause Headaches?

Do Apple Airpods Cause Headache

Music is generally associated with feeling good, but does it have to be? Listening to some music and Apple AirPods can give you a painful headache for no apparent reason. There are many theories about why this occurs including the possibility that certain types of headphones may not be designed properly or manufactured in China … Read more