How to Consume Hemp Flower

Here are some ways to enjoy CBD hemp flower. This is more than pre-rolls or jared-up flowers.

Explore the Flexibility of Your Smokable Flowers

It’s not surprising that smokable flowers are becoming more popular, considering all the flexibility and benefits they offer. Smokable CBD is, undoubtedly, the most enjoyable method to consume CBD. It is also the best way for you to ensure purity and high quality.

Smokable, CBD hemp flower is not only able to be smoked, but also can be used in many different ways. We have some suggestions for you if you are looking for new ways to use your cannabis buds.

There are many ways to smoke your CBD

You can only enjoy the full aroma and flavor of premium Smokable hemp by smoking it. Here are some ways to smoke hemp flowers.

1 Joints/Pre-Rolls

Smoking a joint is the most popular method of smoking Smokable Flowers. You can learn how to roll the perfect joint or, if you are not confident, we have CBD prerolls available for purchase.

You can mix THC and CBD flower if you live in a legal cannabis state. This will give you a unique smoking experience.

2: Pipe / Bong

You can invest in either a bong or a pipe, or both! You can now smoke hemp flowers without the need to break them into a joint.

It doesn’t take as much to cut the flower before you pack your bong or pipe.

There are many types of bongs and pipes. Larger models may feel more harsh to your throat because of the smoke that accumulates in the chamber. However, bongs with more advanced features will filter out and cool smoke through several different filters before it reaches your lungs.

3 Dry Herb Vape

There are also vape batteries on the market that will allow you to vape your cannabis flower.

The electronic vaporizers come with a small compartment where you can place small or large amounts of cannabis. The electronic vaporizers have a small compartment in which you can place a small (or large!) amount of smokable herbs. Once heated, the device will produce vapor that is ready to be inhaled.

4: Make Your Own CBD Oil

It is much easier than you might think to make your own CBD oil. It takes a little bit of time and the right guide. To get the maximum therapeutic benefits of hemp, you will first need to heat the flower to decarboxylate it.

Lightly grind the hemp flower and place it on a baking sheet. To activate cannabinoid compounds, bake at 215°F for 30 minutes.

Mix one ounce of flower with two cups oil (coconut, olive oil or hemp seed oil) and heat on low heat for six hours or longer. If you have a slow cooker, you can use it.

To prevent oil from burning, you might need to add two to three cups of water to a saucepan.

After the time has expired, let the oil cool and strain the plant material from the oil. Once it is cool, store the oil in a glass jar or bottle until you are ready to use it.

Oil can be used in cooking or sublingual dosing. You will also enjoy knowing what is in your oil.

5: Make Your Own Edibles

Your CBD flower can be added to any recipe you like! Because of the high absorption rate, many people prefer to infuse cakes and brownies with CBD. Your CBD oil extraction can be used to replace butter in any recipe. For example, if your recipe calls out for 1 cup butter, you can use 3/4 cup oil.

You can grind the flower into a fine powder and add it to slow-cooker recipes. Your food will be activated by the slow, long simmering process.

If you don’t want the CBD to be added to a slow-cooked recipe, you can decarboxylate the hemp flower first (in an oven like above) and then add it to the dish with any other herbs.

6: Make your own lotions

Our CBD buds and tinctures can be used to make your own lotion, cream, or salve. This is actually a simple process that you can do, and it has amazing effects for muscle pain and skin dryness.

Flexible Flowers

CBD can be purchased in its original, natural form for many different uses.

We believe that smoking is the best way to enjoy this flavorful and aromatic plant. However, it is not always possible to do so and sometimes a discreeter method must be used.

Colorado Breeders Depot searches for the finest, richest, and most aromatic smokable cannabis flower. This allows you to feel confident about the quality of your CBD product, regardless of how you take it.


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